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What is blossom?

blossom is a very private centre dedicated to helping people deal with hair loss and other side effects from a variety of medical conditions.

Can I buy a wig for fun, I'm not suffering hair loss?

A lot of women are enjoying many great "hair days" thanks to wigs as part of there wardrobe. Great for holidays and special occasions such as weddings. Very fashionable!!!

Are there private rooms available and do you offer one on one consultation?

Absolutely. We respect your privacy very much and our consultations are always one on one.

Is Human Hair always better than synthetic?

Not always. Personal preference, lifestyle and budget all play important roles in your decision. Your consultant will help you choose which type is best for you.

Is an appointment necessary or can I drop in anytime.

An appointment is recommended to ensure time is available as well as privacy for yourself and other people suffering hair loss.

Are there a variety of wigs to choose from?

Yes, we have a wonderful variety of colours and styles in stock.

How do I style my synthetic wig?

You should allow a synthetic wig to dry naturally, while a low heat hair dryer or steam rollers will work for human hair.

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