When will my eyebrows and eyelashes grow back?

Hair loss is one of the most emotionally difficult aspects of chemotherapy treatment, but with wigs, scarves, bold jewelery, confidence and a strong community, the reality of a bald head has become easier to digest (and disguise).

More than losing the hair on your head, losing brows and lashes tends to come as more of a shock, a side affect that drastically changes the appearance of the face starring back at you from the bathroom mirror.

Does everyone lose their brow and lash hair during chemotherapy, and how long will it take for them to grow back if you do?

First, lets take a look at a few facts:

What causes hair loss?

Chemotherapy treatment attacks the rapidly dividing cells that make up cancer tumors, but hair cells are rapidly divide – treatment can’t differentiate between the “good” and the bad, and so attacks everything.

Is hair, brow, and lash loss guaranteed?

No. Whether you lose your hair is actually, generally speaking, dependent on the type of chemotherapy you receive. However, losing your brows and lashes is much less likely to occur than losing all your head hair. No two cases are alike, either – while one patient may lose all their brow and lash hair, another may just experience thinning. It can occur gradually, or within a week. And though it most commonly occurs after the loss of head hair, you might not notice brow or lash loss until even a month or so after your treatment ends.

Can you reduce the chances of brow and lash loss?

It is possible to minimize the loss of your brows and lashes by treating them very gently, and steering clear of heavy make up that requires a lot of work to remove. If you need, use regular mascara as opposed to waterproof, and don’t rub or scrub – this will help to reduce shedding.

Will my brows and lashes grow back?

The good news is, yes! Your brows and lashes will grow back, however, every case is different. You might notice regrowth within a few weeks, or it may take a few months.

But don’t let that get you down. There are great cosmetic tips and tricks to fake the thick brows and lush lashes you’re used to, including using brow powders and pencils specifically for filling in thinning brows, false lashes (with hypoallergenic adhesive), and permanent make up.

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