Have Wig, Will Travel – Tips For Packing & Travelling With Your Wig

Sometimes a vacation is exactly what the doctor ordered, especially when you need a little down time to take your mind off the stress of undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Since this time is all about relaxation, traveling with your wig shouldn’t be complicated, and following these tips will make sure your wig looks good on the go with as little fuss as possible.

Pack Wigs Inside Out — Keep the delicate strands of your wig safe from friction (which can cause frizz), as well as dust and debris, by turning it inside out before placing it in your luggage. You can also pack it in a zippered plastic bag to keep it free of moisture, or if you have extra room, a shoe box, which will help prevent it from being crushed.

Pick Up A Plastic Wig Stand — One of the best ways to keep a wig looking beautiful is to store it on a wig stand, however, plastic stands are usually too large to pack in your luggage. Instead, pick up a portable wig stand for use in your hotel room to help reduce the amount of daily maintenance your hair piece needs away from home.

Bring The Right Products – Even under daily care, wigs require special hair care products. These often aren’t available in the average store. Fill travel sized containers with your current daily maintenance products.

Be Prepared For Any Weather – To save yourself from running around last minute looking for a quick fix, carry everything you may need so you never find yourself with out. Bring along your wig comb, brush, and spray, as you should never borrow someone else’s. And check the weather before you leave, especially for locales where there might be high wind or bright sun. You’ll need a wide-brimmed hat, scarves or wig clips to keep your hair piece in place.

Pack An Extra Cap – Wig caps work wonders to keep your hair in place but they snag easily, especially when you are on the go. If possible, carry one or two extra, and keep a small, travel-sized bottle of baby powder on hand to keep your scalp cool and dry, especially in hot weather.

With a little careful planning when traveling with your wig, the only “fly aways” you’ll have to worry about will involve you stepping on a plane. Bon voyage!