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Reasons for Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs for many different reasons. 


Certain types of chemotherapy may cause hair loss.  Your physician will advise you on the typical results of your particular treatment protocol. 

At Blossom we will work with you to manage your hair loss process and help you feel confident when you go out in public.

Cancer is a condition of uncontrolled cell growth. When different chemotherapy drugs are given, they attack rapidly dividing cells in the body. Unfortunately, they can't differentiate between cancerous cells and healthy cells, and since hair follicles divide rapidly, they too are affected.


Alopecia has a wide range of symptoms and conditions. It can range from patches of hair that come and go to permanently losing all of your hair growth.

The three most common types of Alopecia are:

Alopecia Areata: Distinctive circular patches of hair missing on the scalp and body. 
Alopecia Totalis: Complete baldness on the scalp.

Alopecia Universalis: Total baldness on the scalp and body.

At Blossom we have the experience and confidence to help you with any of these Alopecia conditions as it relates to hair replacement.

Pattern Baldness/Thinning Hair

The fact of the matter is that just as many women as men experience thinning hair and hair loss.  Hereditary and environmental factors play a large role in this reality. The fact that hair is usually such an important element in how a woman presents herself to the world makes this even more difficult to deal with. The symptoms are a gradual thinning of hair on the top, front and crown areas, with some milder thinning on the back and sides.


Lupus is a central nervous system condition that activates the immune system to become overactive and create antibodies that attack healthy tissues, including hair follicles.  The negative affect on the follicle can cause hair loss.


Trichotillomania is a condition in which a person physically pulls out their own hair.

Other Reasons for hair loss:

- Stress
- Medications
- Thyroid, Diabetes, etc.
- General lifestyle 
- Post pregnancy
- Post surgery
- Gradual or reactional hair loss
- And more

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  • Thank you for the time and patients and most importantly the warm private environment.  Who knew this could actually be a fun experience?

    Best wishes, Audrey
  • Losing your hair is a very difficult side effect of Chemo, but when I bought my wig at Blossom, Christy was amazing.  She made me feel so comfortable and made this experience very enjoyable.  Also, the wig is absolutely perfect as I have now regained my confidence. 

    Thanks for everything!  Josee'

    Oshawa Location
  • Getting the cancer diagnosis and the hair loss was very difficult.  Your professionalism and compassion was greatly appreciated.  The time you spent with me put me at ease and I knew I was in good hands. 

    Kind regards, Claire
  • A client with alopecia sent me a nice message when I checked in to see how she was managing her new wig; Funny story, she replied...I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago in the check out when a woman behind me said, "excuse me, but can I ask you where you get your hair done?  I love the cut and colour it looks beautiful."  I said a friend of mine that owns a wig salon in Oshawa.  It took me so off guard but it was nice to hear this.  I also told 2 girls in their early 30’s on the weekend of my condition and they were shocked.  They thought that I just was one of the lucky ones with great hair.

  • After I left your place with my new human hair wig haircut, I went to Costco and 2 of the staff members that I know were so over the top with compliments about my fabulous hair, and how great I looked (they have no clue it is a wig).  That just put a huge smile on my face.  I also realized I had been cocooning a bit, not wanting to go out with just a cap or wrap on.  Having 'hair' makes me feel 'normal' and there is definitely a great sense of freedom with it. I can't thank you enough for helping me through this process, you are amazing!!  I will definitely be referring anyone I know who needs one to you.  I love my new human hair wig!!

  • Thank you for all your support and positive attitude during my cancer journey.  Your professional and caring thoughts were very much appreciated and helped me to get through this challenging journey.  

    Oshawa Location, Long time client
  • When I needed a wig I never thought it could look like my natural curly hair.  You did a great job and I feel great wearing my same natural look.

    Regards, Amanda
  • Thank you for the support during my hair loss experience.  I’m so glad my physician recommended you!  The way you cut and transformed the wig to look exactly like my style was amazing.

    Best wishes, Colette
  • I had just lost a lot of my hair from chemotherapy and was able to make an appointment at your salon very quickly.  I was so impressed with the wig selection and the stylist made my experience so much fun.  At a very stormy time in my life you made me feel so welcome and hopeful.  I love my new wig and my family and friends say it looks real and awesome.  Thank you for all your compassion and kindness.   

  • My family is really amazed with my new human hair wig and how the colour and highlights are just like my own.  I really appreciate your kindness.

    Sincerely, Fatima
  • I have been struggling with Alopecia for over 8 years.  Since I found Yvonne, I am able to feel comfortable and once again beautiful in any situation.  She provides a very warm and private environment to test out which wig is best suited for you.  Yvonne is amazing!

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