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What is blossom?

blossom is a very private wig salon dedicated to addressing the needs of people dealing with hair loss.

What should I do if my wigs starts moving?

There are several products available to help secure your wigs, contact us to learn more about these products. Additionally some wigs require atlerations and adjustments, a service that Blossom proudly provides.

Is an appointment necessary?

Yes please, all our wigs are in the private room and we see one client at a time.

Are there a variety of wigs to choose from?

Yes, we have a large variety of colours and styles in stock.

When should I cut my hair off?

This is your choice. Most ladies wait until they are seeing signs of the chemotherapy  hairloss happening. We can do your haircut in the private salon.

When should I buy a Human Hair wig over synthetic wig?

It’s a Personal preference; lifestyle and budget all play important roles in your decision. I will help you choose which type is best for you.

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