How many different ways can I style a wig?

The loss of your head hair can be one of the most emotionally difficult aspects of undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Women spend years and tears and countless dollars perfecting their coif, and losing it all during therapy can really change the way you view yourself.

We believe bald is beautiful, but not every one is ready to rock that new, bold look. In the meantime, getting fitted for a wig is a great way to retain a little of your old self.

When we say wig, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? If you said Beyoncé (Lady Gaga or the fabulous Viola Davis would suffice too), you are definitely on the right track. Queen Bee changes her hair as often as she changes costumes. She may have a team of tamers on her side, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to find a wig that looks natural and fits your lifestyle like a glove.

Whether you opt for human hair or synthetic, styling your wig is up to your discretion.

Tip: If the service isn’t provided at the time of purchase, have your hair dresser customize your wig (with some caution, especially synthetic which doesn’t behave the same when too heavily cut) – cut or trim bangs, shape or thin the crown to remove excess bulk. There’s no rule saying you have to keep it as is. If you’re going to own it, you may as well own it!

When your cut is just the way you want it, it’s time to get creative. A scarf, headband or any other favorite hair accessory will help lend an air of authenticity.

Tip: Proper care products will help extend the life of your wig, and make wearing your favorite styles easy-breezy. For human hair wigs, opt for sulfate-free products, or those specially formulated for color treated hair. Synthetic wigs are kept at their best when you use products specifically formulated for synthetic hair.

Check out our recent blog post for more tips on how to properly care for a synthetic wig.

Because of their nature, human hair wigs are a little more versatile than synthetic, when it comes to your styling options, but a new generation of heat styling tools takes this delicate nature into account. Go curly or straight without damaging your wig.

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