Do I Need To Take Extra Care Of My Wig In The Summer?

The summer months are for spending outside, and whether you rock a pixie cut or a long side braid, you need to take extra care of your wig this season.

Did you know that, as with natural hair, prolonged exposure to the sun can be hard on the delicate fibers of your wig? Our best advice is to avoid direct summer sun as often as possible, and show your wig a little TLC to keep it looking amazing all summer long.

Treat Your Wig Right

Just as your skin does, your wig needs protection from the damaging affects of ultra violet rays. Spray your wig with a leave in conditioner to protect it from the sun, and to prevent the fibers from drying out and looking dull in the hot weather.

Try to wash your wig every four to five wears (or at least twice a month) – especially if you are active in sports or spend a lot of time outdoors – to help manage the build up from increased perspiration.

Store your wig somewhere cool and dry. Synthetic hairpieces should never be stored in direct sunlight where heat can damage them. (This goes for cooking in your synthetic hair wig – even opening the oven door can cause irreparable damage).

When you’re out and about, accessorize with a cute sun hat or scarf to keep the sun off your wig, and stay in the shade whenever you can. Also, you might want to consider picking up a no sweat liner – they are designed to absorb perspiration that can damage your wig during those super hot days.

Go Capless

If you have the option, you should invest in a capless (or wefted) wig for summer. Why? The construction of wefted wigs allows for maximum ventilation, and they are among the lightest, coolest wigs on the market.

You might also want to consider opting for synthetic fiber wig over human hair. While human hair wigs look more natural and offer more versatility when it comes to styling, synthetic wigs are easier to style in the warmer months, and maintain their shape for longer.