Wefted or Monofilament? — Different Wig Caps & Which Is Right For You

Though there are several types of wig caps available on the market, here we look at the two most common – wefted and monofilament – in more detail. Wefted “Wefted caps”, also known as “capless”, are the most common wig cap constructions, are feature rows of wefts of synthetic fiber or human hair that have … Read More

Hair Care Haul – Products To Purchase Before Chemotherapy

Preparing yourself to undergo chemotherapy treatments can be overwhelming. While the process can be physically and mentally demanding, there are a few things you can get ready before hand. Stock up on the following before you start treatment so you don’t have to worry when you’re feeling under the weather and can’t run out to … Read More

Do I Need To Take Extra Care Of My Wig In The Summer?

The summer months are for spending outside, and whether you rock a pixie cut or a long side braid, you need to take extra care of your wig this season. Did you know that, as with natural hair, prolonged exposure to the sun can be hard on the delicate fibers of your wig? Our best … Read More

What Should You Look For When Picking Out Your Wig

Short or long? Straight or curly? There’s more to choosing the right wig for you than deciding on the style. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before making your big wig purchase:  Is it made from human hair or synthetic?  A human hair wig has the most natural look, and withstands washing and … Read More

Are There Any Natural Ways To Alleviate Thinning Hair?

Whether your hair loss is caused by natural reasons (hormones, genetics, or stress) or a side effect of drugs, medication or chemotherapy treatment, you may want to consider one of these all-natural tips to help alleviate thinning hair. Rub your scalp with onion juice. It might seem a bit strange but onion juice has been … Read More

What Is Alopecia And What Are The Signs?

Are you suffering from hair loss? It may be a form of Alopecia. Here’s what you need to know… Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss that can be caused by natural factors, disease, drugs and medications. The most common type of hair loss is male-pattern baldness, which is typically caused by the effects … Read More

How many different ways can I style a wig?

The loss of your head hair can be one of the most emotionally difficult aspects of undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Women spend years and tears and countless dollars perfecting their coif, and losing it all during therapy can really change the way you view yourself. We believe bald is beautiful, but not every one is ready … Read More

Everyday Nail Care Tips During Chemotherapy

Anyone undergoing chemotherapy can tell you this therapy is harsh. Have you noticed your skin and nails are more discolored, brittle, and susceptible to breaking? Chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cells of cancerous tumors. Unfortunately, rapidly dividing cells are also crucial to hair and nail growth, and chemotherapy treatment is unable to distinguish between these ‘good’ … Read More

Debunking the Myths: All Wigs Are Hot and Itchy

The myth that all wigs are hot and itchy is perpetuated by people who have only worn very low quality wigs such as those sold at a Halloween costume shop. When cheap materials are used to construct a wig, it’s true that the resulting product is much more likely to be uncomfortable to wear. However, … Read More

Caring for a Synthetic Wig

In most cases, a synthetic wig is designed with a basic style in mind. This means minimal upkeep is required. However, you may wish to add slight variations on your own. Synthetic wigs can be styled with your fingers or with a wig brush and comb. Do not use tools designed for human hair on … Read More